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The night has arrived with your firstborn fruits so fresh and ripe for the picking.
The air is alive, swirling with a million flies hungry for flesh.
I am both good and evil.
Now the Nile has turned to blood.

Rivers flow red.
Women weep and Infants wail.
Your men have failed.
Their children lay dead.
Pharaoh lament and take heed of what I have said,
The old gods have fled.
And in their stead, I come to bring you torment;
Righteous sacrament.
I'll strike fear into your hearts, with hail and fire and darkness.

This is the end of your treachery.
The people of the true god will be set free.

Spreading scores of vermin and disease upon your vile cities.
Everyone will know the power vested within me.
I tried, I tried to warn you of terrible things to come.
The trials and tribulations.
I told of many manifestations.

Lead your lambs to slaughter.
Life born from the river water.

Bring out you're sheep and cut through the fleece.
Spread the blood above. I'll spare the worthy families.
Bring out your sheep and cut in deep.
You better get on your knees and plead.
Worship me.

In swarms of flies your bodies twist and writhe in pain.
Locusts fill the skies and they shall feast on the fruits flowered by my divine hand.

I'll take what is mine.


from Vermin, released June 9, 2016



all rights reserved


Vermin Vancouver, British Columbia

the rats come out to feed

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